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company culture

Corporate Vision: To be a respected and most potential local company

Corporate mission: create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for shareholders, and take responsibility for society

Talent concept: integrity, hard work, studious, willing to give

Business philosophy: Based on talents and technology, create the most cost-effective products and services, and contribute to the development of the industry

Business policy: Adhere to cost leadership, and always maintain the important thought of "output obeys quality, income obeys integrity" as the company's code of action

Core competitiveness: efficient and economical

Work creed: make extraordinary achievements in ordinary work

The standard of managerial quality and style: people's public servant mentality, humble, exemplary, diligent, and win respect by action

Standards for the quality and style of the supervised: a master mentality, initiative, self-discipline, conscientiousness, and affirmation by obedience

Hongrong advocates: a quality culture of fraternity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, kindness, loyalty, gentleness, and temperance

Hongrong people's declaration: A new day is full of new hopes, life must have goals, work must be planned, today's things are done today, we will never waste every time in our lives, let us overcome difficulties and change bad habits with tenacity The ideals in the hearts of Hongrong people, who are constantly striving for self-improvement, must be realized, and they will definitely be realized.